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Silver Tsunami Series - 10 CEC's

The “Silver Tsunami” isn’t just coming, it is here now. As more and more of our clients sing “When I’m 64”, we teachers might feel a little nervous about how much Pilates to teach them and at what tempo, which exercises worry us as contra-indicated and are they really, should they take class or privates, when is a modification needed and is it? ….. new ideas and inspiration – yes!.... old wisdom and full-body health – YES! This series of workshops devoted to exploring and celebrating Age-ing and Pilates will truly inspire you to continue advancing your clients’ health and their capabilities, not only maintaining. We will see 70-year-olds who use the most advanced workouts to continue to transform. We will see 60-year-olds who have had multiple replacements and what modifications to their workouts help them to continually transform. There will be “case studies” to show how a mature client can negotiate the changes in their body while increasing the value of it. We’ll address the topic of determining what is healthy for a senior’s vertebrae, heart, lungs and how to improve their conditions. Re-new your dedication to – and inspiration about – Pilates and the Baby Boomers!