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Returning to the Foot – Using the Toe and Foot Corrector to Heal the Knee and Hip - 3 CEC’s

Rachel Taylor Segel teaches this workhsop. These small but spectacular pieces of apparatus designed by Mr. Pilates can be the key to re-aligning, strengthening, and healing, the knee and hip muscles to avoid injury and surgery.... Or to prepare for it or to rehabilitate after it. When we "return the foot to life" and it becomes again able to do its many jobs including supporting and balancing the body, shock-absorbing, aligning the lower leg bones for the upper leg bones and therefore the hips and pelvis, the muscles work correctly and efficiently without strain or struggle, damage or pain. The foot and toe corrector exercises are imperative to foot, knee and hip health, amazingly effective, and easy for a client to learn and do before or after a lesson or at home. Finally, with every step we take we have the power - or not - to make the entire body healthier.  Become an expert on teaching these phenomenally beneficial exercises so that your clients can jump for joy on healthy knees and hips! This workshop is not downloadable.