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Correcting Knee Hyper-extension, Pelvis Tucking, and More - 4 CEC’s

In this workshop we will look at how our modern day life-style - especially the chair - leads to an unnatural and dysfunctional usage of the hip and knee, and ultimately to degeneration, pain and the need for medical intervention of these joints at an alarming rate. We will then explore the many ways in which Pilates is specifically designed to keep the knee and hip properly aligned, and thus, the calves and feet doing their important roles of shock-absorbing, propelling, proprioception and pumping of the circulatory system - all keys to the ultimate health of the knees and hips. We will also look at how the ideal organization of the arch of the foot helps prevent hyperextension, and correspondingly, re-organizes the way muscles fire around the knee and hip. By understanding how to support and organize the knee and hip better, Pilates teachers can truly “return” the body back to its wisest innate design, thereby preventing most knee and hip injuries and surgeries. Learning more about this is also be the very best way to help clients rehabilitate afterwards. This is a 4 hour workshop and is not downloadable.