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Developing Healthy Hips - 3 CEC's - Kelli B Hutchins

The hip’s unique anatomy enables it to be both extremely strong and amazingly flexible, so it can bear weight and allow for a wide range of movement.

The hip is located where the head of the femur, or thighbone, fits into a rounded socket of the pelvis. This ball-and-socket construction allows for three distinct types of flexibility: Hip flexion and extension, hip abduction and adduction, hip rotation (internal and external).

In this workshop, we will explore ways of connecting to the equipment and springs to build strength and full range of mobility in the legs and hip joint. We will look at different bodies with the same exercise and identify how that body can move from healthier hips and legs. We will discover that, by having stronger, healthier hip joints, the spine can move more freely and we are able to utilize the whole body for better support. Learning how to use the equipment to teach healthier hips will decrease knee and hip injuries for our clients.