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The Pilates Principles: Reinterpreted for our current lifestyles - 3 CEC's

Since the beginning of 2020 I have had countless people admit their lifestyle has changed dramatically. Most of us have shifted to much more sitting and much more time spent on computers. This has changed the human mind, breathing, circulation and coordination more than we realize. Classical Pilates is centered around a few basic concepts or principles. Breathing, Centering, Concentration, Precision and Alignment are key concepts. As Pilates teachers and practitioners we tend to focus on the physical aspect of better Alignment and Uniform Development. We usually cue to good alignment and body mechanics. It does seem to be the leading idea that most succinctly leads us on our path to health. However, it may not be enough all on its own. In this workshop, we will review the principles of Pilates and reevaluate their importance for today's Pilates workouts. We will learn to utilize all of these principles at the same time vs piecing one out at a time. This will enhance our Pilates experience and manifest the whole body health that we are seeking.