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Partnering for the Whole Body - 3 CEC's

Do you feel confident to partner a client these days? After the last few years, partnering may not feel natural. Do you need different approaches to partnering in person? Do you need new tactics to partner someone through the zoom lens? Partnering can support the changes we look for in the Pilates Method. We can use our words, equipment, and our hands to assist our clients achieve uniform development. In this workshop, we will look at how partnering can replace our words. We will practice how we can partner one area of the body while we speak to a different area of the body at the same time. We will explore ways that we can partner without physically being in the room with a client or ever having to use your hands. In this workshop, we will review different types of partnering: hands on/off, words and images, and different props available for clients to better achieve our ultimate goal of making the body healthier.