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Teaching Clinic - Looking Inwardly to see Outwardly - 2 CEC's Debora Kolwey

We are all on a path, a road, a journey. One that twists and turns, is rarely straight. We progress in fits and starts with more or less clarity and confidence. We experience inspiration, enthusiasm. passion and exuberance. We also experience doubt, dread, severe lack of confidence and more.
We experience all of this as students or practitioners of The Pilates Method and also once we’ve chosen to share what we have learned and are drawn to become a teacher.
Using the language of the training program, we could say we are always somewhere along a continuum of our own “working level” both as a student and then again, perhaps even more profoundly, as a teacher.
So, what keeps us going, alive, inspired, healthy and invigorated? Of course there’s always more to learn. But how to choose from endless options and what is the feeling, the nudge from within or without that pushes us to another workshop or training? What are we really hungry for? What is the nourishment we crave?

I want to explore this with you. I believe the first thing to become clear about is one’s personal point of view. Without that you can take endless courses and remain on the path of confusion. Once you have this, it’s like your life compass which no matter how lost you may feel or actually be, can guide you back to yourself and reveal an unlimited source of joy and inspiration.
What do I mean by personal point of view?

I know, I always end up quoting Eve Gentry, but this is a good one!

“You can know every exercise in The Pilates Method and you still don’t know Pilates”