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Silver Tsunami - Pilates Advanced Work is Ageless 2 CEC's

In this 2-hour ZOOM workshop we are exploring -and reveling in - how Pilates evolves and transforms our bodies no matter what age we begin and through every day no matter what birthday we celebrate! All the goals and results of practicing Pilates serve us no matter our age and actually increase as we practice longer into and through our maturing years.
Mr. Pilates did not devise his method with difficulty as the goal. His exercises grew more full body, more complex, and even more dangerous because his clients needed them to become so in order to continually stay on a tipping point of challenge and optimum results.
There is a special treat for us – watching an abbreviated Advanced Reformer class with all practitioners at least 65 and up to 70 years old (-: Then we’ll explore what it takes from the teachers’ standpoint to get them this advanced. How do we keep the pace but insert modifications enroute to full expression, how do we teach transitions such that they proactively build stamina and strength, what cues and partnering support challenges and educates simultaneously, etc?
If we teach to the best of our teacherly abilities with Return to Life as the foundation underlying it all, there are very few reasons to stop progressing. We can have a studio where seniors are doing advanced work not just safely, but to heal further from previous and current afflictions, to grow stronger instead of only maintain, and to constantly inspire themselves, us and all other clients. This workshop will open that door!