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Inspired Pilates - A Breathing Workshop 4 CEC's

“Inspired Pilates”

“Capacious” inspiration is the primary goal of Pilates, and for good reason - oxygen is the primary element necessary for human life and health. The human body is about two thirds oxygen. When we breathe in - ‘inspire’ - oxygen is absorbed through the lungs into the blood stream, and then transported to the cells to enable metabolism – i.e. the continuous process of building-up new tissue, replacing old tissue, converting food to energy, disposing of waste materials, etc. - all the activities that we call "life." In other words, breathing is life.

In this workshop we will explore how the Pilates exercises are specifically and uniquely designed to tone the breathing mechanism so it is strong, flexible, capacious, and balanced. And then enable the free distribution of all that oxygen throughout the entire body, cleansing and reviving it like an “internal shower.” The result – an enhanced ability to stay healthy and vital. As Joseph Pilates affirmed – “Breathing is the first act of life, and the last. Above all, learn how to breathe correctly!” After all, your life – and health – depend on it. Attendees will have access for 30 days, this is not downloadable.