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Uniform Development: What does it mean? And how do we teach it? - 2 CEC's

As the opener for this series, I thought it wise for us to first get a clearer understanding of what the term “uniform development” truly means. What do you think Joseph Pilates himself, meant by it? He literally told us that it was the actual definition of physical fitness! How is that possible? How does it lead to fitness? How many ways can you define it? How do we teach Pilates accordingly? The path and the outcome to uniform development will not be the same for each of us. How do we apply it uniquely to each person? When you teach, are you focused on this outcome? How does it affect your teaching? What does “uniform development of our bodies as a whole” include? How does the Pilates method achieve whole body organization?
So many great questions to explore. It was absolutely essential that many years ago I answered these for myself personally, and thus, defined and clarified this term for myself. Only in doing so, did I truly understand what Pilates is intended to do, and, consequently, how to teach it for its true purpose. Uniform Development is absolutely my fundamental guiding principle. Through discussion and looking at different bodies, let’s clarify it for you too, so that it strengthens our teaching. Attend live if you have the option so we can use you as an example.